DALE COUNTY, Ala. (WDHN) — Two Houston County men await a ruling from a Dale County judge to see whether or not they will be issued a bond.

Jaxon Kelly and Zacchius Henderson are accused of robbing a person at gunpoint and taking over $200 and a phone in what police are calling a drug deal gone wrong.

Police say Henderson and Kelly went to a home on Reynolds Street in Midland City, a house they had visited before to buy fentanyl

Police say there is a rise of fentanyl throughout the city.

“Fentanyl is on every street corner now,” Midland City Police Chief, Jimmy Singleton said. “Meth used to be the drug of choice and now everybody is selling and buying fentanyl.”

Kelly was later arrested by police, who say Kelly confessed that he and Henderson went to the house to buy fentanyl, but then Henderson texted him, “Watch this.” and held the victim at gunpoint and ordered Kelly to grab anything from the man’s pockets.

On the way out of the home, police say Kelly told them he grabbed the money off a nearby table in the home because he said it was his money.

The money was found in Kelly’s car with a stolen gun out of Florida, and the phone that was taken was found on the side of the road, somewhere near Troy University’s Dothan campus.

The alleged gun of Henderson and the victim’s gun have not been recovered.

“We recovered one stolen firearm out of Jackson County,” Chief Singleton said. “We still have two missing firearms we are trying to locate.”

Henderson was arrested by Dothan police after he said he turned himself in.

Henderson’s attorney says Henderson is denying anything that has happened, but that he also needs to have a bond issued so he can be with his girlfriend and his children. Henderson also claims to not be a drug user.

Kelly’s attorney says that Kelly doesn’t have a criminal history and his family has secured a form of rehab for him.

The judge will rule on whether or not to issue a bond to Kelly and Henderson in the next two days

“We don’t have a problem with them getting a bond set in the bond structure at all,” Chief Singleton said. “We don’t think they should be locked up without a bond completely we just hope they get the help they need”

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