OZARK, Ala. (WDHN) — A Texas man arrested in October for traveling to meet an Ozark minor for an unlawful sex act has filed a change of plea in the case, according to court documents.

John David Twomey of Brownwood, Texas was arrested and indicted in October of 2021 after he traveled to meet a runaway Ozark teen for sexual acts, Ozark Police confirm.

Police say they found the Ozark juvenile in Brownwood, Texas, with Twomey.

Twomey originally pleaded not guilty to second-degree rape and/or sexual assault in February of 2022.

This case is within the federal system since it involves two separate states’ legal codes: Texas and Alabama.

Twomey had filed his intent to change his plea to guilty on Monday, March 29. His official change of plea hearing is scheduled for April 6.