CEDAR RAPIDs, IA (WDHN) —The case of Aaron McCreight continues to inch closer to a sentencing date.

Aaron McCreight, who is the current CEO of Visit Dothan, has pleaded guilty in court to federal bank fraud charges after he was allegedly involved in fraud that lost a music festival $2 million.

According to the U.S. District Court of Northern Iowa, a sealed document was filed by lawyers last Thursday that gives a brief criminal, family, and financial history of McCreight, as well as information regarding the case.

Sources say McCreight’s attorneys have until June 2nd to get their objections with the document in.

Then the state will have 30 days to get together a final report. When the final report is together, McCreight’s sentencing date will then be set.

Sources say McCreight’s sentencing could occur in late July or early August.