DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — A Dothan is accused of killing his daughter and burying her body on Johntown Road, just outside of Ozark.

Tomekia Williams had recently moved in with her father, Orlando Williams, at his home in Dothan.

Her mother, Williams’ ex-wife Glynda, told WDHN back in March that she was glad to hear her daughter had reconciled with her father, however, in the back of her mind, she feared the worst.

“She said she had been looking around for apartments and applying to jobs; so excited about a new beginning for herself.,” Tomekia’s mother, Glynda said. “I still could hear that in her voice.”

Originally, her ex-husband’s bond was set at $1.5 million for Tomekia’s murder.

It was reduced in April to $150,000.

WDHN wanted to hear from her about the 90% bond reduction, however, she said prosecutors never told her of the change.

“Um, they did not make me aware,” Glynda said. “So I am just now hearing this from you.”

Tomekia’s case started when a missing person’s report was first filed with Dothan Police in March of 2021. Almost a year later in February 2022, skeletal remains were found in the Johntown community. The body was later identified as Tomekia Williams.

The Ozark Police Department spoke to the last person Tomekia was known to be with, her father, Orlando Williams of Dothan.

The information led investigators from both the Dothan Police Department and the Ozark Police Department to begin a joint investigation, and the Dothan Police later charged Orlando Williams with one count of murder for Tomekia Williams’ death.

Her mother tells WDHN that she has not heard updates on her daughter’s case from prosecutors.

“I haven’t heard anything,” Glynda said.