SLOCOMB, Ala. (WDHN) — Multiple law enforcement agencies hit the ground running to a wooded area south of Slocomb after a call about a plane trapped in the woodline.

“You know this is small town Slocomb and you don’t often get stuff like that you get it in bigger cities, so it took a minute for that to sink in and get down there and work with rescue,” Officer Allen Medley said.

A private road leads to a grassy homemade airstrip that company planes use for take off and landing and at the end of the runway is a wooded area.

That’s where they found a crop-duster small plane that reportedly caught fire nearly 500 feet into the woods.

“From what we understand, he was actually taking off and possibly lost power and that would make sense from the way he was taking off and where he went down,” Medley said. “He wasn’t very far from the runway it looks like something just went wrong with the airplane.”

After the scary landing, the pilot was able to contact his son to let him know his location — which ended up playing a key part for the rescue team.

“He did a heck of a job too to get his daddy out the woods and it was fortunate he went down there because we were able to follow his tire tracks to locate the plane,” He said.

The son rescued his father to meet up with Slocomb Rescue, so they can transport him to Southeast Health in Dothan.

“The victim is probably listed as critical but stable condition but he was talking conscious and alert when rescue took him to the hospital,” Medley said.

Officer Medley said the Federal Aviation Administration has been contacted to determine the cause of this crash but at this time no more information will be released.