Crossfit is a high intensity workout regimen sweeping the fitness world. 

But there some that say it’s bad news for the body. 

Dr. Jonathan Jennings from Southern Bone and Joint says otherwise, “injury rates of crossfit are actually lower than that of contact sports. sports like football, rugby you’re going to see a higher injury rate than you would crossfit.”

Other bad reviews say that crossfit is just too much for the body to handle; that no one should be subject to such an intense workout. 

Dr. Jennings says that crossfit is good for cariovascular health, and there is no down side to improved cardiovascular health. 

As far as crossfit being bad for the body in the long run, Dr. Jennings dispells that rumor as well; telling WDHN that as long as the workouts are done correctly and the athlete is training properly the injuries should be kept to a minimum.