OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) — Oklahoma City residents were on edge after a big, bad wolf was sighted Tuesday. OK, big and bad may be a tall tale.

“The dog was very timid and was not able to be caught,” said Bruce Stone, city manager for The Village, which is part of the Oklahoma City metro area. 

The animal was reported wandering across the metro Tuesday morning.

The Oklahoma City Police tweeted that they were “just responding to a bunch of folks crying wolf” as they tried to get “the pup safely home.”

The animal — a female — didn’t look like she would huff and puff or blow your house down, like the wolf of “Little Red Riding Hood” fame. Stone told KFOR she didn’t make a sound.

“The dog was just sitting there quietly,” said Stone. “[It] just kind of seemed like it was lost and needed help.”

The animal had a collar, so officials knew someone owned her and were probably looking for their pet.

The animal is a hybrid: “85% wolf & 15% Alaskan Malamute pet,” according to the Oklahoma City Police. And she calmly accepted rescue from police, who called her a “cordial canine.”

“Obviously, it is a little unusual that it is a mixed breed,” said Stone.

While it is against the law in The Village to harbor a wolf, there is no mention of mixed breeds.

“I don’t think the public has anything to be concerned about,” said Stone. “Just another loose animal that needs to be captured and taken back to the owner.”