OZARK, Ala. (WDHN) — Dale County Commission voted 3-1 to approve the current EMS funding distribution map that some town officials and ems departments viewed as unfair.

“We thought we had the votes to vote it down but two of the commissioners for whatever reason decided not to we only had one to stand up with the guts and say this is not right,” Pinckard Mayor Bobby Borland said.

Borland is referring to this map — EMS departments are granted a portion of the $1.6 million dollars based on the number of square miles they cover outside of the police jurisdiction.

Mayor Borland said his EMS department — South Dale — represents five communities and although they cover the least amount of square miles, the latest map shows they had the most runs over the past year.

Yet they are getting one of the shortest ends of the stick with $58,000.

“What is best for the people that we serve, they are virtually gonna put south dale out of business I don’t think Echo is going to be able to serve the whole county not efficiently,” Mayor Borland said.

“Run lines were decided by EMS themselves, “Dale County Commission Chairman Steve Mckinnon said. “I assume that entities could have got more run areas but they all agreed to it so that’s what we are sticking with.”

Mckinnon said towns and cities also received their own portion of American Rescue Plan Act funds, but they are not opposed to lending a helping hand — which they have done for three of their ems departments by giving them a $25,000 donation.

In the meantime, the fight will continue – Borland said they are planning to file a lawsuit against the county commission.

“We’re going to carry it as far as we can carry it to get what our citizens deserve,” Borland said.

“I feel like we have done the correct thing I honestly feel like I led this commission in the right direction,” Mckinnon said.

For now, the resolution will go into effect Thursday and EMS departments are allotted each quarter until the end of 2024.