OZARK, Ala. (WDHN) — Surveillance video was taken earlier this week by Lauderdale County Sheriff’s Office shows Vicky White a correctional guard officer escorting inmate Casey White out of the door before vanishing — a man who she had a special relationship with.

“It can happen anywhere that’s why it’s so important for everybody to pay attention to what’s going on, you cant get relaxed because that’s when things like this happen,” Dale Co. Sheriff Wally Olson said.

According to Dale County Sheriff Wally Olson, he’s seen jail employees in the past get a little too friendly with those locked behind bars which opens the door for contraband.

“Some of these guys and girls that go to jail they have a lot of time on their hands and they try to manipulate people,” He said.

And for those who fall victim, he’s had to put some of his own behind bars which eventually leads to a termination.

“The last thing you wanna do is terminate someone and they lose their job and livelihood but at the same time, you have to do what’s best for that institution and provide the safety and security of that jail,” Olson said.

Although it’s against the code for jail employees to have a sexual relationship with inmates, Olson said the most pertinent issue is that an inmate charged with two counts of capital murder is on the run.

Olson said since he’s been sheriff, they have never had an inmate escape. The policies in place for Dale County aim to prevent a mistake like that from happening.

“Cell counts, security, and safety sweep around your facilities. We even beef up the staff when its time to transport them to doctor visits or the courthouse,” He added.