OZARK, Ala. (WDHN) — Where Dale County Sheriff officers have cell phone service, they now have radio service.

“If we’re at a class or somewhere out of town, we still have communications back home,” said Chief Deputy Mason Bynum.

Tango Tango is an app built for public safety that allows first responders to use two-way radio communication—all on their smartphones.

“They have a developing scene back home, we still can communicate and keep in touch with that developing situation,” Bynum said.

Meaning, officers could be out of state, but still be able to listen and reply to radio users back home—all by using smartphone push to talk technology.

“It’s kind of new so we’re trying to spread the word and get some more people on,” Bynum said.

For Dale County officers, Tango Tango enables communication in the most rural of areas.

“If we get close to the river or somewhere where we’re doing operations down there or rescue on the river, we have limited radio service,” Bynum said. “Now with Tango Tango, that kind of expands that and now we have cell phone coverage down there which in turn means we have radio coverage.”

Officers said Tango Tango provides better communication, saves time and saves lives by connecting agencies from surrounding areas.

“If they’ve already got the app on their phone and they’re listening while they’re off, they can immediately respond and that is better for us and better for the citizens of Dale County,” said Captain Kyle Anderson.

Dale County isn’t the only agency utilizing new tech; Coffee, Geneva and Houston County is also using Tango Tango.