Dale County education and medical leaders discuss coping with COVID


DALE COUNTY, Ala. (WDHN) — Dale County has been hit hard by COVID-19 since its initial outbreak in May; that’s why education and medical leaders are discussing their plans moving forward.

Monday, the Dale County Republican GOP invited education and medical leaders to Hoppers in order to discuss their plans.

“These things [masks], in the beginning, the debate was that they do no good,” said Dale Medical Center CEO & Hospital Administrator, Vernon Johnson. “Now, it’s proven that it has slowed the spread. You know, we learn as we go through this process, and what I would suggest and recommend to everyone is we are now coming up on flu season and in fact, we saw our first case of flu in Dale County last week.”

Johnson urged everyone to get their flu shot this year, especially since the first case was seen early this season. Usually, Dale County does not see a flu outbreak until around February.

Meanwhile, Superintendent of Ozark City Schools Dr. Rick McInturf announced a new school board decision that was influenced by COVID-19.

“Our school board passed a plan that will begin the process of reversing us and bring us back little by little to face-to-face instruction for our students,” said McInturf.

Dale County was one of the earliest school districts to return. Superintendent Ben Baker said he is proud of all the work the faculty has put forth to keep students and teachers safe.

“We’ve had seven students, seven employees again both of that is less than 1% we’ve got 399 employees,” Baker said. “All 14 of the students and employees are back to work and school. As of today, we don’t have anybody out that has COVID-19.”

Daleville Superintendent Dr. Lisa Stamps said educators are essential. Beginning in October, they will have a mental health coordinator for their students on campus.

“We’ve been in school for 16 days and we have not sent a student home or a teacher home with COVID,” Stamps said. “We have sent about 34 people home because they were exposed to someone, but you know to quarantine.”

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