Dale County Republican Party contributes to Wilbur Jackson mural


OZARK, Ala. (WDHN) — If you ride through downtown Ozark on the square, you can’t help but notice the 26 feet tall and 26 feet wide mural dedicated to a hometown hero by the name of Wilbur Jackson.

Jackson started his career at Carroll High School and was the first black player to receive a scholarship to the Alabama Crimson Tide. He then went on to play on the pro level with the San Francisco 49ers and the Washington Redskins.

But after his playing days, he returned to his roots and started a business.

“People know Wilbur and love Wilbur just an extremely humble guy and loves Ozark,” Mayor Blankenship said.

The city loves him back. The city is spending close to $50,000 dollars on just this small token to show their appreciation for Mr. Jackson.

The community has helped in various ways to pay for the costs of the mural by purchasing car tags for the city’s fundraiser.

But the latest contribution comes from the Dale County Republican Party as they presented a $500 check to the city.

“We enjoy the fact that this is something that is bringing our community together and we love the fact that a hometown hero is being honored,” said Pam Carroll, the PR Chairman of the Dale Republican Party.

For Jackson, he’s beyond appreciative to Mayor Blankenship and the city of Ozark.

He says he wasn’t looking for anything life-changing like a mural. Jackson says he has yet to ride by the mural, but he explained how he will feel after he soaks it all in.

“I’ll feel proud my daughter will be able to look at it I’ll bring my wife down so she can look at it and of course my siblings my two sisters, relatives, and friends so it’ll be a good feeling,” Jackson said.

Jackson said he hopes kids will see the mural and think that they can do anything they put their minds to.

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