Daleville, Ala. (WDHN)—Due to several “positive” Covid cases following the Winter school break, Daleville City Schools
went to “mandatory” masking on its three campuses.

With the “highly transmittable” omicron variant, superintendent, Dr. Lisa Stamps, says it’s “all hands on deck”
in order to keep the “doors open” to in-person learning.

Dr. Stamps issued an “order” that all students, employees, and guests must be “masked” when on a district school campus.

Last year, the school board voted that if a half-percent of the 11-hundred student body tests “positive”
for COVID-19. Masks would be required.”

“The new strain is very contagious when compared to the others. But we believe it is keeping our numbers a little bit lower. And we’re trying to do everything we can to mitigate what we can and keep the
Students and staff on campus”, according to Dr. Stamps.

Last year, Moses McDowell moved with his family to Daleville from the Ft. Bragg area in North Carolina. The tenth-grader says he has no problem wearing a mask if it means safety for himself along with his classmates and teachers.

McDowell says “me personally, it was a big shocker for me, but I don’t mind it because if it means the safety of my classmates because I really love my students, my classmates. They treat me like family so I don’t have no problem with that.”

Dr. Stamps says “first of all we want our students to be safe, our staff to be safe. Second of all, we want our students in their seats. It’s better than students at home. So our goal is to have them in the seats under the teacher’s voice.”

Dr. Stamps requests any student displaying temperature, or other cold symptoms to be tested for
the coronavirus. When COVID numbers start to decline, Dr. Stamps expects the “mask mandate” to
be lifted.