DALEVILLE, Ala. (WDHN) — On August 25th, Daleville residents will be heading to the polls to decide who their next mayor will be for the next four years.

On that ballot, the choices are incumbent mayor Jayme Stayton and candidate Charles Wigglesworth.

Stayton ran for mayor in 2016 and defeated Charles Wigglesworth’s wife Claudia. His campaign is centered around bringing life back to Daleville such as bringing in jobs and businesses to the area. Stayton says in order to revive Daleville the city must keep going which is the motive to why he’s running again.

“The city of Daleville has much more growing to do and I’m afraid that if I don’t continue it won’t be continued. Its taken me four years just to get the businesses I have here, relationships that have been made, relationships that have been fixed and I just feel like I’m not done

During the four years, Stayton says the proof is in the pudding for what he has done for the city.

“I’ve got Wendys to come back, I’ve got Dominos to come back they’re breaking ground now, Dollar Tree has came, and now I have Oreillys Auto Parts. And I have a few more things I just can’t announce them this month it will be in the next month. And then you know I brought entertainment, I brought the fair here and the pow wow…At one point we didn’t have tornado sirens I brought them back ya know,” Stayton said.

Speaking of coming back, Charles Wigglesworth is running for mayor for the first time hoping to have that last name back in the mayor seat.

“I’ve got over 40 years of leadership and management background that I can bring to the city,I raised a family here in the city so I understand the importance of good schools, child care, and recreational opportunities,” Wigglesworth said.

If Wigglesworth is the main man, he says there are some things to look into.

“I really wanna look at the housing, our infrastructure, make sure our kids have recreational opportunities, one of four people of Daleville are below the poverty level so we need to have programs for our children and the public safety needs additional funding so I believe we need to work on that also,” Wigglesworth said.