DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — The new school bus camera system that Dothan City Schools will implement will be put to use to benefit the school district.

Recently, DCS announced a partnership with a local surveillance product company to equip cameras on their buses.

This comes after the school system has seen over 400 crossing arm violations during school bus stops.

Now, school officials believe this will cut violations down as those who are caught will be mailed a citation of 300 dollars.

City School Superintendent Dr. Dennis Coe said it may be controversial for those if you get cited, but he adds the revenue from this system will do wonders for the district’s transportation department.

“Number one offset the costs of diesel fuel and number 2 we are going to use a lot of the proceeds to expand our driver’s ed problem,” He said. “We are currently not able to completely service and provide driver’s ed education for all of our students so this will give us an opportunity to expand that and teach them not to break the rules.”

Dr. Coe said first and foremost the program is to keep their precious cargo ”children” safe getting to and from school.