Destination Alabama: Find out how you can Pea with your family and friends


ELBA, Ala. (WDHN) — Known for its history of flooding Wiregrass areas, the Pea River has introduced several challenges, but a group has found a way to conquer the mighty Pea.

“We started here with just a few boats, and of course, we’ve grown over the years and had a lot of folks in the water between 2011 and today,” said Philip Box, Restoration 154 Project Manager.

Groups of all sizes travel to Pea River Outdoors to experience a one-of-a-kind adventure.

“When you get here, one of our guys will meet you, and they’ll have you sign the waiver and do the paperwork, pay your money and those kind of things,” Box explained. “Then we’ll get you in our van, take you and your group out to the bridge where we’ll drop you off.”

That’s when the real fun begins. As you coast down 9.4 miles of the Pea River, you will experience a wide variety of adventures, including wildlife like birds, fish, and maybe even an alligator. You will also navigate small rapids, but you can catch your breathe at some of the locals’ favorite spots.

“About halfway from where we put you in and to here, there’s this little spot that there’s a set of little rapids, and after the rapids there’s this real big like beachy area, and that’s my personal favorite spot,” said Brewer Box, Pea River Outdoors enthusiast.

Beaches offer shade and perfect conditions for river-side picnics. They also offer adventurers a place to show off their own outdoor skills. Once you’re done exploring the beachy areas of the Pea River, it will be time to get back in the boats. That is because in Elba, everyone loves to pea.

Pea River Outdoors is open seven days a week, by appointment.

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