DOTHAN Ala. (WDHN)—Diesel prices are continuing to rise across the Wiregrass, as well as the country, as the national average has grown to $5.32.

This in turn has had a huge effect on truck drivers, with most drivers having to pay for gas out of pocket.

“Really rough. I mean… I’m spending more money on diesel than I’m bringing home. Like, spending two thousand dollars a week on diesel, and maybe seven hundred dollars I’m bringing home. It’s pretty rough,” says truck driver Brandon Jones.

Since it can take well over $1,000 to fill up a trucks gas tank, long trips can end up costing drivers more than they make. With this being many drivers only livelihood, some have had to increase their rates just to keep up with the inflation.

“Everywhere, from Oklahoma to Florida, cost me really… Eighteen hundred?” continued Jones.

While the average in Alabama is at a lower $5.01, these still high prices may end up affecting everyday consumers. With diesel costing more for truck drivers, that means it may start costing more to ship goods to stores. In turn, this may cause stores to raise prices to compensate.

Some drivers have even had to be more selective about what jobs they take, mostly based on pay.