DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — Throughout recent years the west side of Dothan has been seeing major amounts of growth, and while it hinders travel plans for citizens, Dothan District 5 Commissioners-Elect Gantt Pierce says it is a necessary evil for this growth of the city.

“Progress hurts a little, and it will be a mess for a while,” said Pierce. “But it is imperative we do this project in an effort to make the west side of Dothan great.”

On top of the work already being done around Westgate and down highway 84, there are also plans for new housing in the area and a re-branding of the water world water tower.

“We have a light tower, or water tower project that is going to have lights,” Pierce said. “It is going to be similar to the Rip Hughes lights. It’s going to go up into Westgate Park.”

Wicksburg also plays a big part in the growth of Dothan, as well.

“The Wicksburg area is a great asset to Dothan,” said Pierce. “We are running low on commercial space because of our growth. So we want to utilize and make District 5 a place for everybody to come to.”

After all the time Pierce has already given to the city of Dothan, he says nothing would get done without the more than 800 employees that work to better this city.

“They make us look good; the mayor, the city commission, the city manager,” said Pierce. “So I would like to personally thank each and every one of them for what they do on a daily basis to help Dothan grow.”