DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — The Dothan Area Chamber of Commerce has partnered with the city of Dothan to help strengthen businesses around the area, especially around the major corridors.

“So we want our community and our citizens in our community to love Dothan,” Director of Retail and Redevelopment for the Dothan Area Chamber of Commerce, Colton Cureton said.

Cureton has taken over as the director of detail and redevelopment for the Dothan Area Chamber of Commerce, and he along with the city of Dothan are turning their focus to redevelopment opportunities.

The redevelopment will bring an increase in jobs, sales, and revenue for the community.

“Which then goes back into the citizens and benefitting them for our area,” Cureton said.

Dothan sees different varieties of shoppers who enter the city to visit.

Including locals, people from surrounding areas, people headed to the beach, and then, of course, people just passing through the Circle City.

So the redevelopment could create more revenue opportunities for businesses.

“Giving these out-of-town guests another reason to shop. As well as providing more opportunities for our local citizens,” Cureton said.

This plan is still in the planning stages, as both groups are developing a strategy on how to benefit the revenue of the city, but also viewing things from a retail perspective.

Within the current strategic plan, they are looking at how the city of Dothan and the Dothan Area Chamber of Commerce can better serve the community.

Cureton and his team will now begin to identify those businesses that will be at the forefront of their redevelopment of the area that will hopefully help bring more retail to the identified businesses.

“We understand that a strong retail and strong redevelopment property is essential for a strong economic foundation for our community,” Cureton said.

By putting businesses on the entry routes into the city, officials hope that will create a domino effect of luring additional retail and even manufacturing jobs to Dothan.