DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — With the City of Dothan elections in just a few months, candidates are getting ready to campaign and ask for your vote.

But two women running for Districts one and two are looking to not only make changes in their community, but also make history as the first black female commissioners.

“If we are to win the District One and District Two, that can show other young girls as well, you know, hey that could be me also,” District 2 candidate Anterica Mayfield said. “Being a positive role model and just showing them examples that it’s more to just going out here working. It’s more to it in the community being a commissioner.”

“You know, we’ve been here, born and raised here,” District 1 candidate Khashia Mathis said. “Whether or not we left to go to school and came back. It’s really good to let people see that we care about our community, where we were born and raised at so I think that it’s a really positive thing and it’s just history in the making.”

While Mathis and Mayfield are running together they have different plans for their respective districts.

“If elected, I would be worrying about the community, making people feel safe, just taking care of abandoned properties making sure that the city does their part,” Mathis said. “Also I had a lot of concerns with people about the trash pickup, sweeping the streets, so they are disappointed in the way the streets look.”

“The main issue that I would like to focus on are the kids, trying to have more programs that are government funded for them,” Mayfield said. “You know, these parents are doing as much as they can to see about them and everything, and so putting them in a program that’s charging at least $50 or $100 a week or every two weeks, I think, is a little absurd.”

The city of Dothan elections will be held on August 3. For more information you can contact the City Clerk’s office.