DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — As of Friday, Dothan City Schools have 300 students and 33 faculty out with COVID-19.

Girard Intermediate School’s 3rd grade classes returned to class Friday, as they were told to stay virtual when the remainder of the students returned to class on Tuesday.

Students in the fourth grade class who have been out since last week will not be returning back to in-person classes until Monday.

Dothan City Schools will continue to monitor one Covid-19 case at a time.

“Now we are doing everything we can to keep our buildings open,” Dothan City Schools, Public Information Officer, Meagan Dorsey said. “We are doing case-by-case situations. We are making sure that if we have to close a classroom because of a sub or teacher shortage we are making sure parents know that.”

Dothan City Schools do say that the teachers are trying to do whatever they can to have in-person classes.

“Every single thing that they can do to make sure our students are in the classroom, but sometimes you don’t know what this COVID-19 will do to impact your schools, so we are doing everything across the board,” Dorsey said.

As COVID-19 continues to swarm schools nationwide, forcing administrations to consider going back to virtual, it is also taking a hit on Dothan City Schools.

They have had to close some classrooms. They’re watching the surge and monitoring the cases, hoping for the best-case scenario.

“Monitor our COVID-19 protocols and procedures, as well as look at the absentees across our district, especially with our subs and our teachers and everyone else,” Dorsey said.

When Girard Intermediate School fourth-grade classes return back to class, Dothan City Schools will then look at the average attendance of their schools, before deciding whether to take further action.