Dothan holds candlelight vigil to honor lives lost to racism


“Numbers do matter because the more of us that stand together and do something and fight for change the more likely there is to be change,” Elle Burns said.

On Saturday night, Dothan residents of all races attended a candlelight vigil to remember minorities who tragically lost their lives due to racism, oppression, and hatred.

During the candlelight vigil, organizer Elle Burns gave a speech regarding the tools to fight racism in this country such as awareness, strength, and courage. She also harped on how important it is to speak up and speak out because having a voice matters especially for the younger and future generations.

Burns says she hopes this was an eye opening event to bring the Dothan community together to work towards change.

“We dont need to stop here and it doesnt just need to be me and a few people in the community it needs to be us as a community taking this seriously, taking the racial issues in this country seriously…so I want this to be the foundation for that,” Burns said.

While at the event, Burns also clarified that the Black Lives Matter movement is not designed to undervalue another race or cause a divide.

“People who decide to see it that way don’t want to have any other perspective because if you listen you will see there is more to it than that. All lives cannot matter until black lives matter because we are apart of that..we are all humans,” Burns added.

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