Dothan-Houston County EMA to test weather sirens



Beginning Thursday, October 13, at noon, Dothan/Houston County Emergency Management Agency will be testing the outdoor warning alert system.  Sirens will sound for 3 minutes.


DOTHAN, ALA. (WDHN) — This week, Dothan Houston County EMA will be testing the weather sirens.

Starting Wednesday at noon, sirens from Cowart’s city limits to Wicksburg, and even to the Florida state line will be going off for about three minutes.

Testing will take place on the second Wednesday of every other month to make sure there are no problems with the sirens and if there is a problem, that gives the EMA time to put an order in to get the sirens repaired.

Houston County EMA Director Chris Judah said to use the testing time as a way to practice your plan.

“We encourage everyone to purchase a weather radio and have that in your home and if indeed there’s a watch or alert it does come out and alert you to it and back to talking about the sirens people have to realize these are outdoor weather systems sometimes they are hard to hear in your home,” He said.

Judah said weather sirens are tested regularly because they have a tendency of being struck by lightning and frequencies could go down.

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