DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — The city of Dothan is lighting up the sky with and a city landmark. The Waterworld water tower will now display various light shows every night.

This was an initiative that began in August and is now ready for the holiday season. If you visit the water tower in Westgate Park and turn your car radio to 88.1 FM you will have a full-on light show within the comfort of your own car.

“It’s just another part to make Dothan a more liveable community, to have fun, enjoy life, and how many people don’t just go out and see the Christmas lights,” Gothan Utilities Director, Billy Mayes said.

The water tower is just the first step in an initiative that the city is planning to do in the future they hope to bring lights to the Westgate softball fields and all throughout the park.

All light shows at the water tower will run from 5 pm through midnight every night, holiday or not.