DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — On Memorial Day, a case of road rage in Ozark, along Highway 231 and Lakeview road where arguing and trying to run each other off the road turned into a case of one person being charged with attempted murder.

Witnesses told police one of the drivers, John Bragwell, 36, was seen pulling out a handgun and firing at the other car.

“It’s just that I’m not an outright angry gun puller who just drives around the road at high noon and starts shooting,” Bragwell said.

Police arrested Bragwell, and prosecutors charged him with attempted murder. This came as a shock to him, claiming he is not as angry as people think he is.

“I’m not that person, and they never gave me a chance when they hit me with attempted murder,” Bragwell said.

A grand jury indicted him on reckless endangerment charges. Bragwell argued it was self-defense.
However, on Friday, he found out the district attorney was dismissing all charges, just two days before his trial was scheduled to start.

“With it dropping 48 hours before trial, it’s just mind-blowing to me that this process even went along like this,” Bragwell said.

He claims the other driver was at fault and had been harassing him right before the road rage incident.

“As we were starting to take off and go, I would slow down try to go faster slow down try to go faster to get away from him, and as he was reaching over, that’s when it all pretty much happened,” Bragwell said. “He was swerving at us and hit us with his truck.”

He claims the man in the other car had been harassing him for some time and he’d gone to the police several times over a period of months.

“I don’t think it was even fed up, he had no other options and these prior reports are indicative of him not being a hothead or indicative of him attempting to do the correct thing, and it didn’t change that day,” Bragwell’s attorney, Andrew Scarborough said.

When Bragwell was first arrested, some took to social media with harsh words against him, and now he’s just happy to tell his side of the story.