DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — The annual report from United Van Lines, a moving company ranked Dothan as the highest metro area in the state and No. 11 nationally for new arrivals.

“We’re seeing really good immigration patterns people moving into this area because of the healthcare and the quality of life,” Dothan Area Chamber of Commerce President Matt Parker said.

The Movers’ study shows many Americans have been on the move to lower-density areas for the past few years, especially a year like last year to be closer to family.

That was the reason for Alexandra Kicker, an Iowa native, who recently moved from the Midwest to Auburn before landing in Dothan.

“I quickly found out that Dothan was a very small-town feel and another big thing that I started to look into was the holistic approach to different areas in the south here for the holistic medicines,” Kicker said.

The study also indicates people move to areas like Dothan for a job – the Dothan area added 2,000 jobs in 2021.

Kicker has owned her business ‘Remedy Me Spa’ for two years and she says the business climate is vibrant.

“The south you know you just have a lot of people who are super friendly and they are willing to help and that’s kinda what my business is about and you know I wanted to help girls,” She said. “They are kinda they own business in here and that’s the way we work.”

Although the Circle City is spiraling in an upward direction, Kicker said there is always room for improvement to attract new people and businesses to the area.

She believes in making downtown Dothan a little more accessible.

“The city makes it very difficult for small businesses owners down there so if they made it a little more easy for normal people like myself it would grow a lot quicker.”