DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — Police continue their investigation into who fatally shot a young man in Dothan last weekend, the case remains unsolved, he was shot in his own apartment and it’s believed he was sleeping at the time.

20-year-old, Sincere Tyson was known by the family and friends as being a fun, loving, energetic, individual. His mother, Lerwanna McClinden, said he had a close connection with the people within Circle City which leads her to believe someone out there has the answers to what happened that night of her son’s death.

“He had so much good in him that they haven’t yet been able to see because some coward took my son’s life,” McClinden said.

A young man who will never get a real chance to grow into the man he was destined to become.

McClinden said she got a call at 9:22 Saturday night that Tyson was shot while sleeping in his Abbey-Oaks apartment in Dothan on Saturday.

“The bullet went through his liver, it hit the main artery in his heart, and lodge in his spine, he had no strength to call 911 for some help the footage from the hospital,” McClinden said. “He is begging for them to help him, to please help him.”

This all happened shortly after leaving a family party where Tyson was celebrating his niece’s birthday. She called him Uncle Bu-Bu, the family never imagining something of thing magnitude happening.

“He laid in his bed, while someone broke into his house, where he pays his bills,” McClinden said. “He was asleep, and he did not hear them. The sole purpose was to kill my son and for what reason, I want to know.”

McClinden said no mother should feel the pain she has in her heart. Given the circumstances, she thinks someone, somewhere must know something that could help catch her son’s killer.

“I will get justice for my child, and I want it done the right way, I don’t want street justice, I want legal justice,” McClinden said.

McClinden added she will not rest and will not be silent until she gets justice for her son, Sincere Tyson. She tells WDHN News someone out there has the answers to what happened that night in her son’s apartment.