DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — McKinley Bush is enjoying life while recovering slowly but surely after his life flashed before his eyes when he was severely injured after a hit and run accident in downtown Dothan.

“He’s been fine he didn’t wanna go to school Tuesday morning because his eye was still bruised and he doesn’t like to go to school with any bruises on him or looking disheveled because he’s already as shy as it is,” Ashley Bush said.

Two weeks ago, a white SUV traveling almost 50 miles per hour smashed the back of Ashley’s Volkswagen while she was sitting at a red light.

“As soon as I seen the vehicle kinda at a flash I was like how did we walk out of that,” She said.

The accused driver of the vehicle that rear-ended their car is Christian Haney who was arrested four days later. He immediately was bonded out.

“I think I’m more on the angry side now that he’s out roaming the streets some of my close friends say he got kids, so it’s just the thought of him roaming around doing what he wants when he should be behind bars,” His mother said.

Ashley said she’s also frustrated the driver didn’t have any insurance which is now putting a strain on her insurance policy and her personal pockets — she’s been missing paychecks from being out of work.

Right now, her days are full of making phone calls to dealerships to find a used or new car which is a nightmare due to pandemic-related issues.

In the meantime, she says the prayers, love, and support from the community have been getting her and her baby boy through these difficult times.

“Dothan was like a perfect fit on moving here back where I’m from in Fort Myers it wouldn’t be like this it would be just another hit and run but here it seems like people care,”

If you would like to help with the medical bills or just offer a couple of dollars, donate here.