Dothan municipal elections three months away


DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — Every four years, the city of Dothan holds municipal elections to determine who will make up the city government for the next four years.

“We’re three months out from the election and the date is august third and this election is for mayor, all associate commissioners, school board members, and school board chair,” City Clerk Wendy Shiver said.

If you’re planning to run for one of the positions, the qualifying date is set for June first and will be open until the 22nd. However, officials say it’s never too early to begin campaigning.

As of now, WDHN is aware of three candidates who announced they will run for the city commission. In February, Bradley Bedwell announced he will run for the District 3 seat which is currently held by Commissioner Albert Kirkland who is running for re-election.

Gant Pierce is another commission candidate who will be running for Beth Kenward’s District 5 seat. Kenward is not running for re-election after six years in office.

Candidates for city commission chairs include having been a qualified elector in Dothan for one year, being at least 19 years old, and having a residency in the district they are running for.

Mayoral candidates must also live in Dothan and provide a petition of 100 voters within the city limits.

City clerk Wendy Shivers says they’re looking for community-driven candidates.

“As a representative of the city government and the board of education, it’s very important to be a servant and be a community leader,” She said.

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