DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — The city of Dothan’s planning and development will soon present a new ordinance for the regulation of Airbnb’s here in the city.

According to officials, there have been more than 200 complaints recently in regards to the people renting these homes.

From loud music and parties to cars parking in the streets, some Dothan citizens are expressing concerns with the lack of ordinance in regards to Airbnb’s.

The Dothan City Planning and Development have been researching the topic for around 6 months now and how other cities in the nation have dealt with this.

“Dothan is growing so we are getting a lot of people using Airbnb’s,” District 5 Commissioner, Gantt Pierce said. “And we don’t have an ordinance yet, and we need one to be able to regulate the people who are able to run those Airbnb’s.”

After the city planning and development meeting on Wednesday, the ordinance will be presented to the city for voting.

“I think there will be a license portion of this where people have to get a license in order to operate that business,” Pierce said. “What it is going to come down to are the details that fit within that license.”

With more than 80 Airbnb locations in Dothan alone, and a lot of complaints about the residents staying in these Airbnb’s, Dothan City Planning has spent the past 6 months gathering as much information as possible to ensure whatever decision they make is the right one for the city.

“The people on the commissions have done an incredible job and I’m looking forward to understanding this more and us putting the right thing in place for Dothan,” said Pierce.

Dothan City Planning and Development will have a public meeting Wednesday, October 19, at 9 in the morning in the civic center to further discuss the issue.