DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — Thursday, April 7th marks 26 years since a Dothan woman was killed while prepping for Easter lunch.

The victim’s family continues to hold out hope the person or persons responsible will be arrested.

Ruthie Mae Jackson was murdered 26 years ago and the case remains open as the family and police are looking for closure.

“We have no closure,” Jackson’s Niece, Barbara Nell Walker said. “Her children have no closure.”

Jackson, a 72-year-old Dothan woman was found dead with 12 stab wounds in her bedroom on April 7th, 1996.

Jackson had been cooking the night before in preparation for Easter lunch with her friends and family. Jackson was known around the community for her cooking.

“There are quite a few occasions that I have heard tell of where individuals went to her house just to eat,” Dothan Police Lieutenant, Ronald Hall said.

Dothan police received a tip of a possible murder suspect a year ago, they were told that there was an individual in the Alabama prison system who said he committed the crime, but after looking into the information they were sent back to square one.

“We were able to determine that he was incarcerated the day of the crime,” Lt. Hall said. “So there is no way he could have committed the crime”

The family of Ruthie Mae Jackson has been searching for answers for 26 years, as they search for who killed their loved one.

“It bothers us that we can’t know what happened or find out,” Walker said. “If anyone knows anything, we would like for you to give us that information.”

Dothan police say that they still have several cold cases open they want to solve each case to find justice for families, this case is for the Jackson family.

“This family has to live with this daily,” Lt. Hall said. “They are constantly reminded that their loved one lost their life senselessly and they have no clue who did it.”

Police say even the smallest information could be what they need to solve the case.

If you have any information having to do with this case you can call Crimestoppers at (334)-793-7000 or the Dothan Police department at (334)-615-3000.