DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — A night of gunfire in Dothan with shootings at two separate locations in less than 90 minutes.

“It’s more common in the last couple of months then it has been in a very long time,” Dothan Police Department Lieutenant, Scott Owens said.

On Walnut Street, police say a pregnant woman got into a fight with another woman over a man who had children with both of them.

Officers say Carmen Kirkland shot the other woman, Precious Racquel Warren, who was pronounced dead at the hospital.

Kirkland is now facing two counts of capital murder.

“The suspect was captured on scene, as was the murder weapon,” Owens said.

Dothan police also said there was another shooting on Malibu Street, no injuries were reported.

All part of an uptick in violent crime and gun violence the past two months in Dothan.

“When someone commits an acts of violence and they know that nobody is going to give information to police, obviously, that will embolden to commit acts of violence. When they have no doubt that community members are going to speak to police and give identities. They are less likely to commit acts of violence,” Owens said.

Police did say that gangs have been responsible for violence in Dothan, but they aren’t the only ones committing these crimes.

“But their not the only ones. People that we know that have no affiliation with gangs whatsoever are committing acts of violence. The violence is taking its toll on us too. We are members of the community just like anybody else. So when something like this happens in our community we obviously take that very seriously,” Owens said.

The state of Alabama states the aggravating circumstances of charging a suspect with an additional murder count deals with the suspect committing the offense “in the presence of a child,” which means in the physical presence of a child or having knowledge that a child is present and may see or hear the act.

If you want to help your community or report any violence you can call this number. (334) 615-3000.