DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — Dothan police were called to a hospital Wednesday night to find that a three-year-old child accidentally hit the trigger of a gun. That was one of two incidents where police say a child was injured or was in danger.

“When you first get the news of a three-year-old has received a gunshot wound, you automatically assume the worst,” Dothan Police Lieutenant, Ronald Hall said. “However, luckily in this situation, it was a superficial wound to the child.”

The incident happened in the Palms Apartment Complex at the 400 block of Mona Drive.

A child was climbing into the lap of an unnamed adult male who had a pistol in his pocket. The child then unintentionally hit the trigger of the gun causing the gun to fire.

The child suffered a wound to the lower part of his body.

Lieutenant Hall says that this situation could have been prevented if the gun was being kept out of the reach of children or even in a safe location.

“If you choose to keep that weapon on you, make sure that it is in a secure holster of some kind,” Lt. Hall said. “Just carrying it loosely in a waistband or a pocket is the most dangerous thing you can do with a weapon.”

In a second incident involving a child, on Wednesday, a person was driving on Webb Road and suddenly saw a toddler crawling onto the edge of the roadway.

The driver then called 911 and held onto the child until police arrived.

Police later discovered the toddler’s father, Raymond Smith, asleep in the back bedroom of his residence. However, the front door had been left open, which is how the toddler managed to make it to the road.

Raymond Smith

Also in the bedroom, police say they found various narcotics that Smith did not have a prescription for.

Smith was arrested and charged with one count of reckless endangerment, one count of chemical endangerment, and three counts of unauthorized possession of a controlled substance.

Smith is currently in the Houston County Jail on a $30,000.