DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — Two reported shootings during a two-day timeline leaves one man with a gunshot wound to the right arm and the Dothan Police on the lookout for a prankster.

The first reported shooting occurred on the 800 Block of North Cherry Street in Dothan where a man was outside of his house waiting on a ride, then suddenly a black vehicle drove by and opened fire. The man was struck in the arm and the black vehicle drove away.

This case is still under investigation and the only information police were able to release was that the suspect was driving a black vehicle.

The second reported shooting occurred on the 200 Block of Ruth Street in Dothan, where the call that came in to dispatch was that a woman had been shot in the chest, and they were performing CPR.

Dothan Police Officers, Dothan Fire, and an ambulance were dispatched out, only to find that this call was a prank call.

“They gave the address and officers responded to that area,” Captain of the Dothan Police Investigative Division, Jason Penn said. “There was no victim, and there was no shooting.”

Dothan police take each call seriously, especially with the rise in gun violence the city has seen in the past several weeks.

“Automatically going to respond to that,” Penn said.

Dothan police also can track down prank calls, and if they find the source of the call, they can charge them with a crime.

“If we have the information and we can track that person down, then yeah we do prosecute,” Penn said.

If you have any information about any crime, you can call the Dothan Crimestopper’s at (334) 793-7000.