Dothan and the U.S. Department of Transportation working on nearly A $300,000 Safer Action Plan to enhance road infrastructure in Dothan.

The call for improvements comes after Dothan has seen 40 fatal crashes over the last five years.

One of the latest deadly car crashes happened less than a year ago on Highway 231 near Barrington Road.

Just 10 days before that wreck last may, a pedestrian was hit and killed on the south side of Dothan on Highway 231.

City officials say the number appears to rise and is now calling for action.

“The goal is always 0 but for the application the city submitted its to cut that number in half over the next five years,” Wright said.

“The Safe Streets for All” a national grant awarded to Dothan will help come up with a safety action plan a tool that will help reduce crashes in underserved or overlooked areas like districts one and two.

“Our consultant will come in and reach out to the community in these areas and have informational public meetings for feedback and generate ideas to help improve the safety,” He said.

This study will recommend a variety of improvements to accommodate both vehicle and pedestrian traffic.

Like roadside improvements, updating signage, enhancing intersections, and improving sidewalks and crosswalks.

“Anything can be included in this study we don’t know which way we area going to go but that’s why we are relying on the consultant to push us through,” He said.

Wright says this is the first phase of the grant process. After they receive the recommendations, they will resubmit for the implantation grant where these ideas will be brought to fruition and they hope to do that by next year.