DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — Early Wednesday morning, temperatures were in the 30’s which haven’t made its mark since early March.

Dothan residents on Foster Street could be seen fighting the chilly temperatures wearing multiple layers with a warm beverage in hand to try to stay warm.

“I love The Bird and Bean Coffee Shop and they make my beverage perfectly and its like a little treat that helps me warm up and pump me through the rest of my day,” Rachel Davidson said.

Davidson said she finds this cold snap relieving after battling sweaty temperatures. Although, the cold snap is only here for the rest of the week, the temperatures have made her prepare for the winter by digging up winter clothing out of the closet for her daughter.

“The main thing as a parent you want to make sure your kid is warm enough on the way to school this is the time of year where you wear a lot of layers,” She said. “I made my daughter wear tights to school she was not happy about that but when she got outside she wasn’t mad anymore.”

The temperatures are also prompting people to turn on the heat especially during the colder parts of the day — the early morning and late evening hours.

Around 8 a.m. Wednesday morning, the Dothan Fire Department was called to an apartment complex, where a resident turned on his heater and the heater started smoking.

“The house was like 59 degrees and we had to have the heat on, my mother in law has to be warm but for me I don’t really care I can go around with shorts and a tshirt,” Bobby Kelley said.

Fortunately, there was no damage.

During these temperatures, HVAC services like Southeastern Cooling have been responding to an increased number of no-heat calls or false alarms which is the burnt smell when you turn on your heat after several months.

“We recommend people have a maintenance plan in place where we come out and check the system before cold snaps,” Service Manager Mark Boyer said. “We fire off the heat strips to burn off that debris then they don’t have to worry about bad electrical connections or a short. “

The cold snap will remain for the rest of the work week and then warmer temperatures will make their way back into the forecast.