DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — New Years’ may be behind us, but it has left some colder temperatures for residents in the Wiregrass.

Jackets, hoodies, beanies, and gloves became more than a fashion statement with temperatures in the Wiregrass dropping:

“It was freezing,” Wiregrass resident Katie Hughes said.

“First of all, we had to turn on the heater, which is kind of a strange change from yesterday’s turning on the air conditioner,” owner of Sticks and Cones, Brett Smith said.

Car heaters turned on and air conditioners turned off, but unlike northern parts of Alabama, we didn’t get to see heavier snowfall.

“The seat warmers had to come on,” Wiregrass resident Olivia Hancock said. “We have a little farm and horses. The horses had to put their little blankets on. We had bundle everyone up, not only us.”

Huntsville, Florence, and Millry got some snow, and even a couple of places in the Wiregrass saw snow flurries, but not Dothan.

“Unfortunately, we got no flurries,” Hancock said.

For some people who had to work outside on Monday, the cold weather could pose a small challenge.

“Not when I got to work outside, that’s when I was bummed,” Hughes said.

Those jackets and hoodies hanging in your closet for the past couple of months finally have a purpose.

“To break out the heavy coats and the clothes you don’t get to wear on the daily,” Hancock said.

“We’ve got our jackets, we’ve got our hats, of course, and I probably should be wearing gloves right now,” Smith said.

As the day grew on and the temperatures grew warmer, but even those temperatures can be deceptive, especially with the wind.