DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — Stephanie Campbell has been a customer of Dothan Utilities for 8 years and she says she has never seen skyrocketing bills until a time like now.

“Never had a bill like this for sure when I first moved to Dothan it was about 100 to 150 but compared to what it is now its a huge difference,” She said.

Dothan Utilities increased its rates due to wholesale costs. Dothan utilities get their power from Alabama Municipal Electric Authority and the price to make the energy has increased.

Unfortunately, Dothan Utilities had to pass that increased price down to customers. Campbell said that should have been the last resort considering the economic challenges like inflation and the effect it has on customers.

“It more than doubled and with somebody on a fixed income they can’t afford it and anybody out here working on a single income could barely live,” She said. “I don’t know what their options were or where they could have made some cuts.”

Campbell has a house with three bedrooms and one bathroom with central air conditioning. The average Dothan utility customer uses 1500 kilowatt hours which equals an extra $30 on the monthly bill with the increase.

Campbell said she’s conservative on how she uses power plus she doesn’t have many electronics other than two laptops and two TVs. Her appliances are not updated.

“My bill is typically for September is around 150 and 200 my bill is projected to be $488 as of now and that’s way more than 30 dollars,” Campbell said.

According to Dothan Utilities, the rate increase is not unusual but it’s a pass-through that is supposed to last for a short period of time.

“If it’s due to the cost of goods going up, those costs are gonna stay up at this point I don’t see them coming down,” She added.

Dothan Utilities is uncertain about how long customers will be dealing with the rate increase.