DOTHAN: Your property could be affected by the Honeysuckle Road expansion


DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — The city of Dothan’s Public Works Department hosted a public involvement meeting for the Honeysuckle Road improvements project that is being proposed. The city of Dothan hosted this meeting to open the lines of communication with residents about changes coming to honeysuckle road.

The Public Works department hoped to present information and solicit comments on the 2 design options for phase 2, but not all residents are welcoming these changes with open arms.

“Well, basically we are trying to get input tonight from the residents and just traveling folks of this area in and around to look at two different options for the roadway,” said The City of Dothan Public Works Director, Charles Metzger.

Option one is a two-lane road being rerouted and tying in near homestead, on honeysuckle road, and tying it all the way down onto Campbellton Highway. Option two is more of a boulevard alternate, instead of a two-way road, this would have a 22-foot median and 16 foot lanes.

“We’ve got a sign-in sheet where they can come and give their yay or nay or how they feel about the difference project, obviously there’s an additional cost to the boulevard of about $4million dollars over that, the whole entire project we are looking at somewhere between $26 and $30 million dollars,” Metzger explained.

Residents and homeowners in the area came out and shared their feelings on the expansion project.

“This is the first I found out about it they haven’t talked to me about my land or anything, it’s going to take a corner of my property they originally put it going a little bit further south and uhh it’s pushing the road right on top of our neighborhood. My house is considered my property I paid for that house,” said Bill Herbert, Homeowner on Hadden Road.

Other homeowners expressed concerns over traffic speed safety, not understanding the need for sidewalks in that area and property values. Public Works Director for the city of Dothan assured there is a plan to talk to property owners that are affected by the project.

“If it is going through their property what we do like I said, is we will meet with those property owners and they’ll be compensated and there will be offers made. There is a standard relocation act or right away act that we have to follow. It’s about trying to accommodate the road and satisfy the property owners as well,” Metzger said.

Residents understand the opportunity for growth but are concerned about their properties, traffic, and safety issues they foresee coming with the expansion. The Public Works department says the community comments along with other factors will be used to determine the preferred design option.

If you were unable to attend Tuesday’s meeting you can mail in a comment form to Mr. Tyler Reeder at engineering services before July 10th.

Mr. Tyler Reeder, City of Dothan -Engineering Services
126 N. Saint Andrews Street
Room 309
Dothan, AL 36302

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