MALVERN, Ala. (WDHN) — The town of Malvern is fixing the drainage ditch that caused problems on Scott Road, but one resident says that is just the first step to what really needs to be done.

On Monday afternoon, Malvern crews were working to fill the drainage ditch, which for the past few days has caused problems for residents.

“It’s just adding three to four miles to a daily commute and diesel is $5.19 a gallon,” Scott Road resident Michael Reeves said.

Workers put the drainage ditch in to help with draining the pond on Scott Road. The draining of the pond helps reduce the water level, but Reeves says that isn’t the main problem

“We are not asking for paved roads,” Reeves said. “We’re not asking for bells and whistles. Just make it safe. Let’s not dig ditches in the middle of the road and get out there and clean the culvert pipe,” Reeves said. “The culvert pipe is there for a reason.”

The culvert pipe is used to move water from one side of the road to another. Reeves believes that if the town of Malvern would clean the culvert pipe, then a lot of the problems residents are having would be resolved.

Reeves says that another problem residents have with this project is the location of the road closed signs, which he says appear later than they should.

“You don’t see the sign until you have already come to it, then you have to back the trailer up all the way back up the road in the dark to try and turn around,” Reeves said.

Malvern officials say they are working as best as they can, but with only two people to do the work, they ask for the communities patience as they get this issue worked out.

“It’s a lot for two workers to do, but if you are going to take on the role of taking it away from the county to do it yourself because it’s so-called save the town of Malvern $300,000 a year is what they have told everybody,” Reeves said. “Where did the money go and if you can’t hire enough people to get it done, then you need to give it back to the county,” Reeves said.

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