Drought bearing down hard on Wiregrass counties


HOUSTON COUNTY, Ala. (WDHN) — The hot and dry weather in the Wiregrass is expected to last all week, further putting local farmers at risk.

“The plant objective is the survival of the species, and the weather pattern certainly defines it, and us as farmers, we only reap what the Lord gives us,” said William Birdsong of the Wiregrass Research and Extension.

WDHN’s Drought Monitor shows moderate drought conditions across seven counties, with the worst conditions bearing down on both Dale and Henry counties.

“This phase for this crop year has been on life support,” Birdsong said. “We started with some, and it got dry again and finally more rain.”

Although some of the surrounding counties received little or no rain, Glenn Will said this season has been a little abnormal, but his cotton crop is ready for harvesting.

“This is sort of an abnormal year,” he said. “Several years ago I picked the whole cotton season, and it didn’t rain.”

Another problem with these dry conditions is the increased risk of wildfires. In the past week alone, 182 wildfires broke out, burning thousands of acres of Alabama land.

One of these took place in Barbour County, requiring both Dale and Barbour County fire personnel to work together to bring it down.

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