BLAKELY, Ga. (WDHN) — Voters took to the polls on Tuesday in the Early County to support their candidate in the Georgia Senate election.

The county opened up early voting on November 28th for the highly anticipated senate run-off election.

Organizers saw more than 1,600 voters just in the early voting period

That does not even count the people they have seen go to their polling place on Tuesday.

They say they have seen a constant influx of voters all day.

But they were able to offer extended hours for people to get out to the polls which they believe made a difference.

“We averaged about 300 voters a day during early voting,” Early County Election Manager, Joshua Storey. “We were able to offer extended voting day on Thursday and were able to serve about 100 extra voters than we would have if we wouldn’t have those extended hours.”

During the November election cycle, Early County saw around 2,000 people take to the polls