After an injured and scared dog bit an animal control officer in Elba, the dog’s rescuer posted what happened on Facebook, getting over 300 shares, and now many are demanding answers.

“So he drug her from here to over here, and then he just picked her up by the leash, then he just like, slung her in there,” said Cayci Chambers and Ruth Leland, volunteers at Elba Animal Shelter.

The “he” they are referring to is Byron Carpenter, an animal control officer for Elba.

Chambers said she came to the shelter on Wednesday to take a dog who was hurt to receive medical attention after Leland had found a sponsor to pay for the vet bill.

“At first, the dog was okay, then he was pulling it and it got scared and he was trying to pick it up and it got terrified and she was trying to get away from him and he was trying to get a hold of it, and when the dog bit him, he got really mad at that point, and he drug the dog by the leash over to his truck and he slung it in the back of the cage,” said Chambers. “The dog hit the back of the cage because he threw it so hard and it dropped and it did not move after that point.”

Chambers said that Carpenter’s wound was not that severe, and that it may have actually been caused by the dog’s nails.

“It’s like, a little bit of blood, like hardly,” said Chambers. “It was like a scrape.”

Carpenter told Chambers he was talking the dog to get tested for rabies, but he actually took the dog to get euthanized.

“I called another animal control officer and asked him if the protocol was to euthanize them and he said no,” said Leland.

Adding the protocol is just to quarantine the animal for ten days.

“And he (Carpenter) says ‘Well, the city of Elba is not going to pay for that’ and I said, ‘Well the city of Elba does not have to pay for that,'” said Leland. “I already got sponsors for her and he said ‘No she bit me, she is going to get euthanized,’ and that is why I went on Facebook. Because I wanted people to know, so we can make sure this does not happen again.”

WDHN went out to Elba Animal Shelter and did come in contact with Carpenter.

When asked about the Facebook post and the allegations, he said no comment.