Elba City Council names interim Police Chief and new school board member


ELBA, Ala. (WDHN) — Tonights city council meeting in Elba revealed two people being named to important seats in the city.

Shayne Arnett was named interim police chief, and Miranda Russell being named to the Elba City Board of Education.

Both of these people have large shoes to fill, but are looking forward to the opportunity to serve their town.

“Glad to be able to give back to our community in some form,” Elba Board Of Education member, Miranda Russell said. “I am an alumni of elba school system. I just want to be able to voice my opinion and help the school system progress.”

“I lived in kinston and i policed in opp for a few years before i came here. It is kind of like home,” Interim Police Chief Shayne Arnett said.

The police deparment in Elba is have troubles getting and maintaining staff and they are currently sitting around half of a full police force.

At todays meeting, a one-dollar increase in pay per hour was approved by the city council but it might take more than that to maintain a full staff.

“The closer we get to what other agencies pay, the more officers we will be able to bring in,” said Arnett. “We have a few plans in mind but there is a police offer shortage throughout the state, but i guess we’re just going to have to get people to apply.”

Russell says this job is important to her, because her decisions not only impact others children, but hers as well.

“Elba is my home,” said Russell. “My kids are in the school system. And that is imporant to have some input and help their education progress.”

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