ELBA, Ala. (WDHN) — On Saturday, new charges were filed against former Elba Elementary School Principal, Debra Strickland.

According to the Geneva County Sheriff’s Office, Strickland has now been charged with three counts of assault, two of which are felonies. She was then held in the Geneva County Jail, until she bonded out on a bond of $140,000 on Monday.

These charges come from a June 5 incident where Strickland was accused of fleeing the scene of a hit and run near Samson.


ELBA, Ala. (WDHN) — It was the final nail in the coffin for former Elba Elementary School Principal, Debra Strickland, as board members accepted her resignation.

Over the weekend, Strickland was arrested for fleeing the scene after a hit and run near Samson.

She was placed on administrative leave pending the investigation Thursday night.

“I ask that the board accept the resignation of Debra Strickland from her unemployment as with Elba City Schools,” Superintendent Chris Mosely asked board members.

Strickland has been with Elba City Schools for over a decade.

Those in the community told WDHN it’s hard to see Strickland go, because she was a staple in the community and the school system.

“My heart goes out to her and it’s a heartbreak, and you know through it all, everything will be alright, Elba City will come back,” Elba resident Cal Howard said.

School board members were unable to give WDHN a comment pending the investigation. However, Kenya Martin has now been named interim principal.