Elba “interim” Police Chief Shayne Arnett looks to recruit officers


ELBA, Ala. (WDHN)—At the police department in Elba last month, officer Shayne Arnett was named “interim” chief following
the “resignation” of Chief Leslie Hussey. Now he, too, finds that “recruiting” certified officers continues to be a “big” problem. Interim Chief Arnett discusses work schedules with Lt. Russ Young.

This week, another member of his department “gave notice” that he’ll be heading to the Coffee County
Sheriff’s office for more money.

Arnett says he’s already down between five and seven policemen.

Arnett adds “the police department has been working closely with Mayor Tom Maddox and city hall, trying to figure out a solution to bring certified officers to our city. We have also been working on the schedule to keep shifts covered.”

At the Elba Senior Center, WDHN spoke to several seniors concerning their thoughts in regard to their safety with such
a shortage of police officers within the city. “

Annie Flowers says “I am really concerned because we need our police force because we have so many crimes and situations going on and we need them.”

“Someone might break into your house, and there may not be able to see about you,” according to Janice Morrow.

Arnett says “the shifts that we cannot cover Chief Deputy Ronnie Whitworth and Captain Michael Hines with the Coffee County sheriff’s department said they have deputies willing to assist us with the coverage. “

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