ELBA, Ala. (WDHN)—One year ago this week, “Troy Staley” was named as Elba police chief. Since taking over the reins
in that department, Chief Staley believes being “proactive” is important in keeping down
break-ins and burglaries. WDHN found the chief believes it all starts with illegal narcotics.

Chief Staley says his department has “zero tolerance” for street drugs.
The chief says narcotics and “Illegal weapons” often go hand-in-hand. In addition, Staley says
crime statistics indicate drug addicts often feed their habits by breaking into and burglarizing homes and businesses.

Staley says “learned there is a high correlation between crimes such as thefts correlated with drugs and drug transactions. So our goal here is to crack down and diminish the amount of crime in the city of Elba. One of the ways we do that is through narcotic arrests.”

In just the last week, these three suspects have been arrested by Elba police or the Coffee County Sheriff’s Office on unrelated drug charges. Chief Staley says there’s hardly a week that goes by when his officers don’t make a drug arrest.

Mike Gurspan says “Chief Staley says the term victimless crimes is totally erroneous. A crime affects not only the individual who committed it but also the victim and really the town itself.”

“Cut down on your amount of narcotics that are passing through, that is actually stashed within your city and do your citizens a big service and actually crack down on crime,” according to Staley.

He would like residents to keep a close eye on their neighbor’s property, and call authorities
If one sees suspicious individuals, vehicles, and anything else that may indicate that a burglary may be taking place.

For a number of reasons, the chief adds property crimes go up exponentially during the Christmas season.
He asks folks to get involved and be aware of what is taking place around them.