Electric vehicle charging stations becoming more available in Dothan


DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) —The signing of the bipartisan infrastructure law by president Biden is making manufacturers a push to build a network of electric vehicle charging stations nationwide.

Alabama is set to receive almost $80 million over five years to support the expansion of EV charging stations in the state, however, Mercedes-Benz of Dothan is already ahead of the game.

“We have already started breaking ground on our new charging stations, which we are excited about,” New Care Sales Manager, Brandi Williams said. “It won’t be able to do just Mercedes, it will be doing several brands.”

While electric cars are not the most popular way to travel, Williams says people are becoming more interested in electric vehicles and the benefits they offer.

“We’ve had a lot more people come into the dealership asking about future electric cars, the models we have coming in,” Williams said. “One of the benefits is, like I said, total cost of ownership. So your service is going to be a lot less often on an electric vehicle. Along with the frequent stops to the gas station. You’re charging your vehicle overnight, you’re not having to stop during the day.”

Some of the main concerns when it comes to electric cars are the range the car can go and charging time.

Williams says that Mercedes’s latest EQS model was just tested and ranged about 440 miles, which is equivalent to a full tank of gas on some vehicles, with a charging time of about 31 minutes.

Williams says these new charging stations are a big step for the future.

“Nobody really likes change, but you have to embrace change and learn that this is what our future is going towards,” Williams said.

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