Enterprise man wins big at International festival


An Enterprise man wins big at an International Film Festival.

The movie was shot in Enterprise using local actors and a few others from around the South.

Filming this movie took about 3 years to complete now it’s winning an award and being nominated for another and it hasn’t even hit the big screens yet.

“This festival is sort of like the sun dance for the Christian festival circuit,” said Joshua Sheik, Director.

After raving reviews on social media.

“You enjoy your own movie but you’re not sure everyone else will receive it the same way,” said Joshua Sheik.

He entered his work in the international film festival competing with over 500 submissions he took home the title best director.

“I started my own production company sold a house and made my first movie,” said Joshua Sheik.

His latest work “Worth Fighting For”.

“It’s a dark romantic movie about an underground boxing ring that’s run by the mob,” said Joshua Sheik. “Alex who is one of the main characters falls in love with the preachers daughter. He tries to get out of that world but the mob isn’t ready to let him go.”

Filmed in the heart of Enterprise using the cities character to take the movie to the next level

“Because it’s a military community it’s extremely diverse,” said Joshua Sheik. “The support in this community is absolutely amazing.”

Another nomination from this movie going to Alan Powell for best actor.

“He punched so hard he left some of his own blood in the punching bag so they was that dedicated and talented 3 months working out in the gym to get in shape for this role,” said Joshua Sheik.

It’s unclear when the movie will hit theaters

Today Sheik sat down with Enterprise Mayor Bill Cooper to begin planning for this next film called “Church League” which will be a comedy.

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