Enterprise native hours away from announcing decision on race for U.S. Senate in Alabama


DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — Last week, the Head of the Business Council of Alabama resigned from her position, with her resignation many people are questioning, will she run for senate.

Katie Boyd Britt is a native from the City of Progress, a University of Alabama alumnus, former Press Secretary, and Campaign Manager for Senator Richard Shelby. Britt was in the Wiregrass on Monday speaking to members of the Rotary Club.

Britt tells WDHN she’s very close to announcing whether she will run for the United States Senate.

Currently, there are two other candidates hoping to win the seat that will replace Senator Richard Shelby, who is retiring after his current term.

According to Britt, her Wiregrass background has prepared her for any obstacle in her way.

“I think it’s the kind of values they teach you here and the kind of character that the people exemplify,” Britt said. “We know the value of a hard day’s work, we love our family, faith, and our freedom.”

Britt resigned as head of the Business Council of Alabama on Friday, June 4. On the same day she resigned, she officially declared her candidacy in filing with the Federal Election Commission.

Although not officially announced, Britt is now the third candidate to enter the race for the Alabama Senate.

“We have been praying about this, my husband, Wesly and I for the last several months,” Britt said. “We really feel like our Christian conservative values are under attack in D.C., making sure our next generation is ready to stand up and fight for our next generation is something we have heavy on our hearts.”

According to Britt, she’s concerned about where the county is headed.

She believes Alabamians must send someone to D.C. who can create solutions and make sure their values are represented. Britt said elected officials can’t keep talking about the problems. Instead, she said, they should find solutions–even if that means reaching out across the aisle.

“I am the daughter of two small business owners and I am a product of this community,” Britt said. “I want to take what we have here and take and fight for it in Washington D.C..”

WDHN spoke with many members after the meeting, each said it would be great to have someone from the Wiregrass, represent them in the U.S. Senate.

Britt said Alabamians can expect an official announcement in just 24 hours.

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